The Secret of Fun and Eternal Happiness

2020 is reseeding into memory, and perhaps for the first time becoming clear; so I want to talk about a moment of it. In the past I called it the “Ozwomp moment” aka the time Ozwomp was created, but really its the moment just before the burst of creativity that lead to Ozwomp.

When the pandemic started the world stoped. I had been caught up in the pressure of college, but suddenly I was free, college was gone, classes were gone assignments gone; but I still had my student accommodation and a city to myself, it was like being handed my life for the first time. All my classmates started applying for jobs and final assignments, but I decided to take the opposite path; I decided to do NOTHING and revel in it!

For a month I played games, I cooked, I watched documentaries, I walked, I jogged around the building to Death in Vegas and the Hackers soundtrack; I produced nothing, I saw no one, I stoped caring what the would was doing or what it thought of me. Then from that place of pure personal space I started to make small things; mixtapes, playlists, little bits of code; I was doing it for no one but me. Then a game jam came along and it stepped into high gear, Ozwomp is Arriving arrived.

It was not a popular game.. but it didn't matter.. I made it for me, and to me it was the best thing in the world; it was the biggest hit in the world in my world; it was pure fun and nothing else mattered. I was having fun and nothing else mattered; not in a selfish way, I was not trying to keep anyone out, I was just in my zone and that was that; it was a space of absolute positivity.

That time only lasted a few weeks, but for those few weeks it was like being a kid again; it was like having the golden orb of joy we are all born with back in my hands.

Nothing can last forever; that moment was an accident, I didn't expect it to arrive and I didn't expect it to come crashing down later in the year as my circumstances changed. In truth I didn't know how to maintain it; maybe its not possible; but perhaps with practice and patience, we can create that kind of joy and create the spaces it needs to last.