Apple Watch

I know know, I promised Id write a diary and failed! I’ll keep trying! A few weeks ago on an eBay Adventure™ I purchased this second hand Apple Watch! *dodges the tomatoes*  Do not throw tomatoes at me! I wanted a way to turn down my music and skip songs when my phone was away on the short holidays it often likes to go on to other rooms.

I ordered it from Greece and getting it here was an ORDEAL - it got stuck in Zurich and the Irish postal service would not believe such a thing was possible; their robo-phone took hours to get through and hung up on me 3 times, and when I did speak to someone they were unhelpful. THEN I called up the greek postal service; they picked up instantly and shouted at me in greek for a while, but then they were very helpful and told me exactly what was happening :) Eventually I got my watch!

IMG 0572

Its a funny sort of fellow this watch; its not really like a computer or a phone. It shouts at me if Im sitting down too long, tells me to meditate in the evenings; and when Im coffee grinding in the morning it gets VERY excited and congratulates me on a morning workout? Sometimes it pings at me when Im trying to have a nap, but mostly its quite respectful.

We’ve been going on all sorts of walks together and it tells me some useful facts such as:

  • Every step I take covers 84cm
  • My resting heart rate is around 67 bpm
  • My fast walking heart rate is around 115 bpm
  • I move a LOT like 300% of what it suggests
  • On a lazy day I take 650 steps and on an active day its more like 8000.
  • I could improve my cardio fitness a little :(

Im not sure what to do with this info, but now I know! The screen makes a nice glow in the dark and the timer is very handy for pasta cooking; In the shop I payed for some milk with it, and the person at the counter went ooooo; I felt very fancy :^]