Big Walk!

Heck! I forgot to write yesterday, so much happened! Nothing happened today though so it balances out. An old school friend and I went for a 13 kilometre walk from town out to a strange mound in the countryside. Along the way we saw the sea and cars and dogs and boats and rocks and trees and dirt roads and stone roads and tar roads and a few planks of wood.


Thats a vew of the sea from next to the fort, and below is a dumb picture of my feet which had blisters but don't worry Im wearing shoes.


The morning before there was a scary visit from the agents of stress, but we wont go into that. That evening a mighty pasta was cooked and some beers were consumed and the nature of life and loves were discussed. Iv had a rubbish year or so, it never seems to end; I spent most of that year thinking about all the things I must have done wrong to have such a rubbish year; but recently I realised no, I did nothing wrong and if I could do it over again, I would change nothing. To quote myself after a few beers “Life is a series of faults and compromises and the only crime is not living it”.

Today was uneventful, but there was a bunch of mega rain and hail stones the size of peas! Then there was thunder and lightning which was hella moody n cool. I counted the time from the flash to the boom; at first it was 8 miles away, then 2 then 10! Musta been going real fast!