From my Notes - written sometime in 2022

Eyes leave glow trails

Most game worlds are like the depths of the sea, fragile muscles and legs are all that keep me from plugging into the depths, and water flows around my feet. Steps and a drop off into darkness, around me a flat desert of sunlit ripples, I cannot walk on but I can imagine I do, balance is what makes gods

A becoming seat, mossy and unused, rest for a moment and it is complete, happiness is idle, longing for more, this is the state of creation, I sneak away from the prying sounds of shouting eegits, you loose again fools, you’ll never find me here. 

You will haunt me when I die, smiling in the sunset as a nearby couple chatter and I wish I had a camera. Those moments were divined in the Big Bang just as this one was too. Collapsing time is a party trick we ought to have outgrown by now, but there it goes, the world is living and there will be moon light. Thank you bench for these wise words, I will not forget your form if you remember mine. I came to you fearing darkness, but I was the dark and the light, we both were. Dirty feet don’t fear the stones.

The sea provides random gold doubloons, a great game should feel like running on Victorian grass, free and a little dangerous, years of sticks and the promise of rusty bottle caps, and wriggly bugs, a home under your feet.

[] is the last structure from my childhood that remains intact, not many people who reach my age can experience that; surely the morphing of time will find it soon, for now there is still peace in a world of motion.

This is the moment, never forget

Always talk about the weather like a pirate in a storm “Avast ye skys be grey, the wind be still, but fortune lays a dastardly shade ahead to be known as night, we aught to flitteth from this place”