New Room

I moved into a new house in the city a few weeks ago - finally got things decorated and feeling nice! I suppose this counts as the 3rd iteration of my orange carpet rooms - the first was in Dublin, then Glasgow, and now Cork. Each time things get changed, removed and edited down; it's starting to feel quite concise at this point!

It's been almost 3 years since I had a room to decorate like this! Somehow a lot has changed, and not much has changed at all - I hope this can be a happy place.


Just a small room! I put colours on the window because the view is not very interesting. The curtains were beige and stained so I tie-dyed them blue and now it's like waking up under the sea!


This is my desk where I put things!


The current library!


I have two A0 Rothko posters in this room, they face each other - sometimes it feels like they are having conversations and I just get in the way, but they are still very good company!


UPDATE: I setup the big monitor and re-organised a little! - Also here is the stationery! (With an ominous card WFMU sent me!)

Desk Monitor