Easy Fish with Paprika and Risotto Rice

Once upon a time I went to the fish shop and said “HEY fishman! Gimmy that slice of fish!” and he did and I ate it and everyone lived happily ever after!! END!




Ok ok that's almost true, except in the middle I also wrote the recipe for you! This is a very easy recipe you can use with many types of fish and it will produce a tasty and very nutritionally well-rounded dish that is sure to put a spring in your step, a gleam in your eye AND a thankful nod to this recipe in your neck!

We will now cook this dish, lets gooooooo *flys out the window and we become cooking superheroes and save the world together*


For one person, multiply for each eater!

  • 1x fillet of fish - white fish like Cod or Haddock is ideal, or even pink fish like Salmon
  • Spices: Pinch of Salt, Pepper and Paprika
  • Spoonful of flour
  • Oil of the olive!
  • 2x Garlic Cloves
  • 75g of Risotto/Arborio Rice
  • Half a lemon!
  • Half a red pepper!
  • 3x little florets of broccoli (the little trees)
  • 1x Thumb of butter!

The cook: (15-20 mins)

Prefix: Timing is important in this recipe, but it's not HELLA important, if you need to pause or slow down; just take things off the heat for a moment and catch your breath; all the ingredients are pretty forgiving - focus on getting the fish right!

(OPTIONAL) Dry your fish fillet in a paper towel and leave it to dry and warm for 20-30 mins before starting! - This stops it from falling apart later.

  1. Apply the spices to your fish fillet and give it a flour coating until NO MORE will stick to it c:
  2. In a deep pan or wok, get your oil hot and set it to low heat, and crush your garlic clove in!
  3. Add your Risotto rice and get it frying, be sure to sloosh it around lots!
  4. Chop your half lemon into two quarters and squeeze one into the rice (save the other), put the rind in to fry with the rice too!
  5. Boil a kettle or heat some water - then add a splash of water to your rice to make lots of steam. If you’ve never cooked Risotto rice before; we will keep adding small dashes of water to it so that it does not go dry but doesn't get too soggy. Risotto rice takes 16 minutes to cook from the moment you add water and you need to stir it very frequently, it will prob need 3-4 good sloshes of hot water.
  6. Let's start a 15-minute countdown from here to help keep track of things!
  7. In a separate frying pan add some oil and get things nice and hot!
  8. Chop your pepper into strips and get them frying at a low-med heat - they take about 12 minutes to caramelize.
  9. While that's frying, half your florets and add them to the pan around the 8-minute mark!
  10. When there's 5 mins left, plonk your butter in the pan and add your fish fillet - you may also want to up the heat here if it's low!
  11. At this point, you can also start to allow your rice to dry out, so don't add too much more water but don't let it stick! (Also get rid of that lemon rind now)
  12. Fry each side of the fish for 3-ish minutes per side, until it gets golden and flakey! Also squees your remaining lemon in with the fish!
  13. When the fish is done and you're happy with the rice; get it all onto a plate and eat it!!! YUM
  14. EXTRA: Splash some milk in the empty pan and fry it for two minutes to make a nice sauce for the fish!

Thats my fish recipe! I hope you eat fish!